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Step 1: Visit our website and select the subscription plan that best suits your needs.

Step 2: During the check-out process,  Please select the meals you prefer for your first week by entering them in the comments section.

Step 3: Once you have selected your meals, complete the check-out process by providing your billing information, shipping address, and contact information.

Step 4: After completing your order, you will receive a confirmation email, text us at 903-647-3502 your weekly meal selections every Friday or it will be an automatic chefs choice and he will make a selection for you. Please note that you will need to send your order each week to ensure we prepare your meals accordingly.

Step 5: Lastly, it's important to note that your subscription will continue until you cancel or request to cancel. If you wish to cancel your subscription, please contact our customer support team or log in to your account on our website and send us a message.

That's it! Enjoy your meals and don't forget to text us your order each week.

Choose your pricing plan

  • Select 5

    Every week
    Choose 5 Meals to be delivered every week.
    • 5 Meal Selection
    • Free Delivery
  • Select 10

    Every week
    Choose 10 Meals to be delivered every week.
    • 10 Meal Selection
    • Free Delivery
  • Best Value

    Select 15

    Every week
    Choose 15 Meals to be delivered every week.
    • 15 Meal Selection
    • Free Delivery
  • Select 21

    Every week
    • The Bulk Up 5 Meal Plan

      Every week
      • 5 Bulk Up Menu Meals Delivered
    • The Bulk Up 10 Meal Plan

      Every week
      • 10 Meals weekly from the Bulk Menu
    • The Bulk Up 15 Meal Plan

      Every week
      • 15 Bulk up Menu Meals Delivered Weekly
    • The Bulk Up 20 Meal Plan

      Every week
      • 20 Bulk Up Menu Meals Delivered Weekly

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